Office Snapshots: Inside Facebook’s Menlo Park Headquarters

| February 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

I really like Office Snapshots, a blog that highlights (via some first-rate photography) trends in office interior design.   Their spread today is a tour of the interior of Facebook’s new campus, and it is one of their best to date.  Worth a look.

There is some sentiment that the corporate campus is moving towards the endangered species list, but I don’t buy that– there are just too many smart and cutting-edge companies investing heavily in creating a home base designed to encourage collaboration.  Is Facebook’s campus a model for the future of the corporate HQ, or a response to their unique culture?  Probably a bit of both.   Regardless, the repositioning of the old “Sun Quentin”, which looked stodgy and dated the moment it came out of the ground, into such an impressive and inviting workplace, is a nice surprise.

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