NASA lands cutting edge sustainable building technology in Mtn View

| April 22, 2010 | 0 Comments

I’ve become really fascinated over the past several years with the emerging Green Building industry.  Not only are Clean tech and energy efficiency one of the more promising growth industries in the region, but their application to the real estate world appeals to this broker who likes nothing more than poking around construction sites.  Energy efficiency is both an Environmental and a National Security necessity, and I think that commercial real estate is an excellent venue to experiment with and deploy relevant technologies.

Buildings Magazine has a great article on NASA’s redevelopment of the Ames Research Center located in Mountain View’s Moffett Field.  The new 50,000 sf center will combine slick computer-controlled environmental systems with clever applications of straightforward old-school technologies, and will take advantage of some beneficial aspects of the microclimate at Moffett Field. 

It’s an interesting read (and only a co-incidence that I’m posting this on Earth Day):  check it out here.

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