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The images of devastation and loss of life in the aftermath of massive Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 are truly unforgettable.  Equally unforgettable was the outpouring of support from around the world to help repair some of the damage.  I was truly thrilled to see some of my Colliers colleagues lending their expertise and financial resources, spearheading a project to rebuild a single village on the southern coast of Sri Lanka.  The Kirinda Project was an enormous success, and is chronicled HERE

Fast forward to today.  Earlier this year, my wife was accepted into IBM’s Corporate Service Corp— from their website, “The Corporate Service Corps (CSC) exposes high performance IBM employees to the 21st century context for doing business — emerging markets, global teaming, diverse cultures, working outside the traditional office, and increased societal expectations for more responsible and sustainable business practices. CSC participants perform community-driven economic development projects in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, working at the intersection of business, technology and society“–An exciting and prestigious assignment. 

Jennie was assigned to spend the month of October in Sri Lanka.  Members of her team would be working with Government officials and Non-Governmental Organizations, deploying technology in various venues.  Thinking that their experience might be of value to her team, I introduced her via email to the people that spearheaded the Kirinda Project.

The Project Manager for the Kirinda Project did graciously spend some time with Jennie’s team.  He also invited her team to join him on a tour of this fairly remote village.  After her work assignment was complete, my wife was able to make the trek.

I received a text message from her late the other night.  She told me that she’d met a woman in Kirinda who showed her around what she referred to as her “Colliers house”.  

What a small world, and what a thrill to know that both my wife and I work for organizations willing to put their best foot forward across the globe.

Jennie didnt have much in the way of spare time to do any writing, but her handful of blog entries about her assignment can be found HERE


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