A good week

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This has been a pretty darn good week for me.   The market is showing some signs of life, and I’m busier than I’ve been in a while, but thats not what made the week so positive. 

 I started at Colliers almost exactly 8 years ago.  When the IT guys hooked up my email, literally the very first message I recieved was about an upcoming company event– we were hosting a field trip at the Patchen Tree Farm for the 2nd grade classes from a low income school in San Jose.  Following the event, free Christmas trees (donated by Patchen Tree Farm) were made available to any family from the school that needed one.  Many of these kids had never before been to the mountains that they could see from their nearby homes on the valley floor.  Many, were it not for the generosity of the folks at Patchen, could not afford the small luxury of a Christmas Tree. 

 A half hour into my tenure here, I realized that this company was a little different.  I couldn’t help out that first year (just had surgery to repair the damage from an ill advised evening of ice skating while pushing my daughter in her stroller…), but I havent missed it since.  Just got back from this years outing– a beautiful morning in the Santa Cruz mountains surrounded by 165 enthusiastic and appreciative 2nd graders is a fantastic way to end the week, not to mention get into the holiday spirit! 

 As if that wasn’t enough, earlier this week, the Links for Life Foundation California — a charitable foundation started by Colliers and funded largely by our brokers– approved my request for a donation to an organization near and dear to my heart, Peninsula Youth Theatre (PYT).  Not only does PYT put on some of the highest quality youth musical theatre you’ll find anywhere, but they also provide extensive educational experiences for younger kids on the Peninsula, including extensive outreach programs to our lower income communities.  I believe that theatre provides kids with one of the best opportunities out there to learn leadership skills and gain self-confidence.  PYT is making a difference in the lives of a lot of local kids, and I’m thrilled that Links for Life was able to lend their support. 

 A great week at a great company!


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